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http://www.archaeology.ro/ 24.02.2011, 12:55:37
archaeology.ro is the first Romanian Internet portal dedicated exclusively to archaeology. It was created at the initiative of some members of the ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ROMANIA (ASOCIATIA PROFESIONALA A ARHEOLOGILOR DIN ROM¬NIA - APAR).

archaeology.ro seeks to achieve two goals: to reflect and to make public the scientific research of APAR's members and to ease the access, both of Romanian and foreign colleagues, to archaeological information, linking this site to other archaeological ones. At the same time, the members of the group of initiative wish to show another side of Romanian archaeology, integrated into the eurasian area, apart from the "traditional" image that still lingers around. The members of the group wish to depart from paradigmatic myths, from those theories with a baseless "ethnical-cultural" or historicist interpretations, from those "analyses" limited to modern political boundaries, that neither pre- and protohistory nor antiquity had known; they also wish to leave aside nationalist tendencies that made archaeology an instrument in politicians' hands; the members of the initiative group also wish to use modern methods of research, not set in the order of an anachronic era. One of the main goals of this website is to give a chance to young specialists, whom, worn-out and rigid structures, are stubbornly raising barriers on the way of professional achievements.

Our main attention is directed towards the Middle and Lower Danube, however, seen in relation to Central and South-Eastern Europe and beyond. The initiators do not intend to establish chronological or cultural limits, the online magazine being open to any study that responds to their ethical-professional conditions.

Because nowadays financial resources have not allowed (unfortunately) to publish, in extenso, the studies and book reviews translated in English, French or German for the beginning a great part of them will be accompanied by a translated abridged version.
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